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The Bio of a Butch

(I'll just skip the peanut butter and chocolate jokes for now)

Therese (Reese) Szymanski is an award-winning playwright who has been short-listed for a few Lammies, a few Goldies and a Spectrum, made the Publishing Triangle’s list of Notable Lesbian Books and won an Alice B. Reader’s Appreciation Award.

She has written eight Brett Higgins Motor City Thrillers (When the Dancing Stops, When the Dead Speak, When Some Body Disappears, When Evil Changes Face, When the Corpse Lies, When First We Practice and When It’s All Relative); one Shawn Donnelly book, It’s All Smoke & Mirrors: The First Chronicles of Shawn Donnelly; and edited the erotic anthologies Back to Basics, Call of the Dark, Wild Nights, Fantasy and A Perfect Valentine. She has novellas in Once Upon a Dyke; Stake through the Heart; Bell, Book and Dyke and Tall in the Saddle, and has several dozen published short stories and essays in a few dozen books.

She’s a seasoned writer with two decades’ experience writing for nonprofit, advertising, marketing and journalistic purposes with bunches of published articles, reviews, columns and other pieces and hundreds of thousands of her words printed in an extremely wide variety of marketing, advertising and communications pieces. A native Detroited, she's lived in DC and Austin.

Her books can be found for purchase at, and all sorts of other places in both the cyber and real worlds.

Reese is sometimes to be found speaking on a variety of topics at conferences and other gatherings; teaching classes in the real world and online, although it's been quite a while since they've been at the college level; doing readings, signings and joining in virtually with the occasional book group that's reading one of her books.


My Just a Phase cast, wtih me sitting on the floor in front of them, ashamed, since I just know they're behind me, giving me the fist. Reese's cast for Just a Phase (a Sapphic Tale) decided to give her a one fist salute during the cast photoshoot. The play was opening just as Reese's first book, When the Fisting Stops When the Dancing Stops, was coming out, and someone sneaked an advance reader's copy to a few members of the cast.