Reese Szymanski's Books


“Szymanski's thrillers are rough, tough and just the way Brett Higgins would like them.”


You'll find full reviews and bits and pieces of reviews lying all around the site. I plan to keep on adding more reviews as I find them, and I urge you (beg you?) to please let me know when you see good, professional reviews of any book with my name on the cover, or of any short story or other things I've done.

Brett Higgins Motor City Thrillers button It's All Smoke & Mirrors: The First Chronicles of Shawn Donnelly Erotic anthologies edited by Therese (Reese) Szymanski The New Exploits Series: Hot novellas by Karin Kallmaker, Barbara Johnson, Therese Szymanski and Julia Watts
When the Dancing Stops Front cover of It's All Smoke & Mirrors.
Cover of Back to Basics
Once Upon a Dyke: New Exploits of Fairy Tale Lesbians
When the Dead Speak  
Front cover of Call of the Dark
Bell, Book & Dyke: New Exploits of Magical Lesbians
When Some Body Disappears  
Front cover of The Perfect Valentine
Stake Through the Heart: New Exploits of Twilight Lesbians
When Evil Changes Face  
Front cover of Wild Nights
Tall in the Saddle: New Exploits of Wild West Lesbians
When Good Girls Go Bad  
Front cover of Fantasy
When the Corpse Lies  
When First We Practice  
When It's All Relative  

If you're looking for a complete listing of all my fictional short stories and several of my essays, you might want to check out Reese's Pieces, which lists most of those things.