Driving Ms. Binkie

Part I

Peggy J. Herring

Carrie wasn’t too happy about the thought of having to purchase another vehicle, but the one she had now was gradually falling apart around her. The latest thing to go after having already replaced the starter, plugging a leak in the radiator, replacing the timing belt and a flat tire was the passenger-side window that wouldn’t go up. All Carrie wanted was dependable transportation that needed nothing more than gas once a week and an oil change when she received a coupon in the mail.

Leaning over the steering wheel to take a peek at the sky, she mumbled, “Well, crap. It better not rain!”

She pushed the button on the door panel again to see if maybe the electronic window would miraculously begin working, but no such luck. Carrie was on her way to pick up her new girlfriend, Binkie.

And Binkie won’t like getting wet if it rains, Carrie thought as she gave the sky another scowling look.


Part II

Therese Szymanski

Binkie strutted down the hall, all long legs, painted nails, and four-inch stillettos. Carrie felt a tingle up and down her spine as she remembered what a similar pair of shoes, well, boots, actually, felt like digging into her back.

She took the woman’s hand, placed it on her arm, and led her to the baggage claim. She didn’t even need to ask if she’d checked luggage, it was a given. And she could only hope at what Binkie’d packed.

I hope she brought that delicious, black, leather... Oh, and the handcuffs! And maybe even that... that... oh, Carrie could almost feel the cat o’ nine tails ripping into her back.

It took everything she had to keep her face impassive. I should’ve just bought a new car as soon as I got back from that cruise and Binkie told me she’d come visit. Anything to keep Binkie happy!

As soon as they stepped outside, the rain started. Actually, Carrie wasn’t sure it could be called rain...there should be some word for more rain, buckets/sheets of it. Rain in the maximum.

“Stay here, and I will get the car,” Carrie said, waiting for a nod from Binkie before running to retrieve her Tinker Toy.

The passenger seat was thoroughly soaked by the time she pulled up. She popped open the trunk and gallantly opened the back door for Binkie.


Part III

Laura DeHart Young

“Darling, why the back seat? I want to snuggle next to you.”

Carrie blinked and felt her heart racing. “Well, sweetums, I thought I’d play chauffer and you’d play Madison Avenue. You know how we love to role play.”

“Oh, how delightful.”

Much to Carrie’s relief, Binkie slid into the back seat and began to freshen her make-up. “Where to, Madame?” Carrie asked in a husky voice.

“The nearest bedroom,” Binkie purred.

Carrie stepped on the gas a little too aggressively and the car stalled. She cranked the engine and nothing happened. Looking skyward with a quick prayer on her lips, she cranked the engine again. It started. The car bucked and rattled noisily away from the airport’s economy parking lot. Carrie looked in the rearview mirror and was grateful to see Binkie still applying lip gloss.

Carrie took the entrance ramp to the highway. A sudden cry emanated from the back seat. “Ohhhhh. Mr. Chauffer, sir, please close the window. The rain and wind are making a mess of my hairdo!”

Grimacing, Carrie drove as slowly as possible to cut down on the back draft. She quickly took the first exit and headed for a park she frequented on sunny days.

“Please roll up the window!” came a more demanding voice.

“One moment, Madame.” Carrie found her favorite secluded spot and parked the car under some weeping willows far away from the park’s entrance.

“Why are you stopping?” Binkie asked in confusion.

Carrie executed a graceful slide over the seat and into the back of the car. “So I can run my fingers through your damp hair. That’s a huge turn-on for me.”

Binkie smiled sweetly. “You’re so romantic and adventurous, darling. Shoes on or off?”

“On. Definitely on.”


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