Many years ago, on this planet right here, Peggy Herring invited me into a threesome.

I've had weirder requests.

But hers was one that was of a strictly writing nature. One person would start a super-short story, the next continue it, and the third would end it. Each story would be about a thousand words long andwe had no set order of writers, we—Peggy,Laura DeHart Young and me—would just keep switching things around. (I ran away for a while and they got Linda Hill in, I believe.) And thus—with the addition of a little artwork from me (artwork that no longer exists)—were the Chain Gang Chronicles born.

They'd be printed in a newsletter (I'm sorry, but I think it was for San Antonio women, but, since it was mailed, I'm sure more than a few women outside of Texas got it).

Oh, and by the way, at one point, Peggy said that one of our goals was to drop the next person in a pit, or paint her in a corner. That's what really got her in trouble.

Anyway, I now invite you to take a peak into the Chain Gang Chronicles. Just realize that I am not entirely responsible, but at least escape is possible.

So pick a story and dive on in. Just realize they're all PG-13. I think. I'm not about to reread to find out.

The Chain Gang Chronicles
The Nutcracker Suite Something Borrowed The Shopping Trip
Give the Girl A Hand The Wettest Spot in the World A Moving Experience
Footsies With Tootsie Flirting 101 The Luggage Rack
The Intruder The Butch In Question Driving Ms. Binkie
That Rainbow Feeling The Long Ride Home In the Heat of the Day
8 Mile The Gang’s All Here Break a Leg!
It’s All In the Name Beware of Beeping Lesbians A Moving Experience

Other Writing: