These are high-quaility images, suitable for printing. You can either use one of these for printing your own Szymanski bookmark, or else contact Reese via the "Contact Reese" button on the navigational bar and work out sending her an envelope for a bookmark she's made, which might get you an autograph as well! (She's also open to signing books that people send to her).

A Reese bookmark that has the covers of ALL of her books. A picture of Karin Kallmaker, Barbara Johnson and Julia Watts all draped around Therese (Reese) Szymanski, who is sitting in a chair. To the side are the four covers from the New Exploits series of books. Over it all, it has the author's names and the words, "New Exploits."
A bookmark of just Reese's mystery titles: The Brett HIggins Motor City Thrillers and the Chronicles of Shawn Donnelly.




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