To contact Reese

Draw a circle on the floor and step into it. Use purple sand to outline the circle again, but this time from the inside. Then put your left foot out—so as to break the barriers between inside the sand and outside the sand.

Then, using green candles, light one candle inside the circle and one outside the circle, illuminating the entire space.

Then bring both feet back into the circle.

Jump out of the circle.

Jump into the circle.

Shake it all about and go to your computer, making sure you have sufficient illumination both there and along the way.

E-mail Reese at this URL, at Reese at (@sign removed so I don't get spammed to death it's just Reese (at) though).

And go clean up that mess of sand and candles in the other room before whoever you live with gets upset with you about it. What were you thinking, dumping all that sand about? Let alone leaving lit candles unattended? Did you want to burn the building down?

Also, please contact me if you'd like a free bookmark, signed or not.

And definitely feel free to contact me, since I love to hear from my readers—both of you!