I've put a few things here for now, and I plan on adding to it—or maybe rotating, juggling or otherwise swapping or adding things in and out—as time goes by. I will promise, however, that I won't put up anything that is related to McDonald's in any way unless I'm asked for it.

Well, except for that one thing. That's already there.

What I will say is that there is also already here something here that made Linda Hill once say that I had too much time on my hands.

But really, this is just an area to put up different things. If we weren't starting to teach classes, I might have offered a few more free lessons here, but, really, for the incredibly low price we'll likely teach the classes at, if we do them again, it'd be much better to go that way than to just get the crumbs I'd have available here. Especially since they were just notes from much older classes, like when I taught at National Women's Music Festival—by specific request—year's ago. Oh, how I remember that. Mostly because of how it was presented to me, which was Barbara Grier calling me up at work and telling me she had this offer (or deal or something like that), that I'd take unless I left my f***ing brain under the f***ing pillow that morning.

Barbara's words, not mine. Wonderful woman. And I do mean that.

Anyway, since I might put up a Therese Szymanski site, more for my day job sort of thing, I'll keep it light on things like that here. At least for now. And notice how I said light and not clear?

So go peruse, if you feel like it. And feel free to let me know what you think of things!


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