Premiere: September 1997
Alternating Currents

Office Politics was the worst show I ever worked on, what with the cast walking out on me closing night. (It went downhilll from there.)

It's a pretty fun script, though. I know that it's the favourite of some people.

Office Politics Poster

The flyer from the premiere.


Office Politics Program cover
The front cover from the program.
Office Politics Program inside

The inside of the program. At some point I started writing the history of POW and Alternating Currents in the programs. I also made posters with press clippings and flyers from all our shows that I'd put up on the walls of the theatre.

Lessa Bouchard thought I'd made the first set of posters as a gift to her, so I had to make myself another set to use after she absconded with the first. The posters currently reside on the walls of my office.

Office Politics postcard
One of the postcards we made for the show. Yup, we even had a mailing list.
One of the tickets.
Office Politics cast listing

POW and Alternating Currents were known for the bios we put in programs—because they were usually entertaining enough that everyone always read them.

Newspaper article for play
We didn't get much press coverage for this show, but we got some!


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