Fact truly is sometimes
stranger than fiction.

During college, and for a while after, I wrote plays. Won a couple of awards for doing so, even. So I was writing, but it was playwriting, not novel or short story or regular fiction-type writing.

Oh, and well, I was also an advertising major, so I was doing copywriting in college, too. Since I was a full dual major and all.

But then, after college, I couldn’t find a job in my field, which was, of course, advertising, since, obviously, I'd never figured my English degree would put food on the table, pay the rent, or even keep me in books.

So, one day I answered an ad for a retail manager at a bookstore. (My resumé before that was somewhat interesting, containing security, McDonald's, Army Reserves, Taco Bell, magic, Burger King, a credit union, convenience management, and I'm sure I'm blacking out a few other things.) And I got the job, running the LGBT book and gift store. And I showed promise.

And an ability to learn about dildoes, lubes and vibrators—and to sell them as well. So I moved up in the world, to managing the adult store the owners owned, as well as the theater and distrubutorship.

A lot of people say that you should write what you know. That formula worked for me before—with my award winning plays—so I went with it again. This time with a woman again not too much unlike me, but still, unlike me enough to make it interesting and fun and fiction.

If you want to know more about it, see the Behind the Book section of the first book, When the Dancing Stops. Or read my bio, or the books, which are helpfully listed in order, on this screen, on your right.

Oh, but right, this is about introducing the books...

It was a time when you'd get disowned for being gay, when all of Detroit was a slum, when Detroit was the murder capital of the world... Wait. All those things are still true, aren't they?

Okay, so it was When the Brett Higgins Motor City Thrillers
were . . .

Scantily clad dancer named Erika

Erika, one of my dancers, in one of the Polaroids we'd take of the girls to put up in the theatre's lobby, so that folks could see who was dancing before they coughed up the cash to come on in.

Me giving a lift to Mykl, one of my clerks at Middleground—aka the House of Kinsey—in Detroit.


Picture taken at the real-life LGBT bookstore Middleground. I'm lifting one of my clerks in the air.
Me with Barbara Grier and Donna McBride
This was taken at the first BEA I was ever at. It was the second time I met Barbara and Donna and probably my second-ever trip to Chicago. It was also the first time I ever met Linda Hill.
Me with Amy, owner of A Woman's Prerogative, in Fendale, Michigan. We have a copy of When Evil Changes Face with us.

Me with Amy Blake, the wonderful owner of A Woman's Prerogative, my local bookstore in Fashionable Ferndale, Michigan. Well, it was my local bookstore for a number of years. I think when this picture was taken, I lived somewhere else in Michigan (I don't want to say where, all right?)


Mykl with a dildo in his hand.

My clerk, Mykl, at Middleground—aka House of Kinsey—with a dildo in one hand and god-knows-what in the other.

Man, those were just the days. (Being facetious here.)


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