I don't know how many plays I wrote between 1987 and 1997, but I know which ones were my favourites, which ones I held close, which I thought were worth trying to find a publisher for.

And I also know which ones were produced and which ones won awards (And Divided We Fall and Just a Phase (a Sapphic Tale)).

And I'm going to use this section of the site to talk about those plays, and maybe share some scripts, pictures and all of that sort of thing.

Over there on the right are the plays that I'll be sharing with y'all, as well as various materials about them.

But I won't put it all up now, so that you'll have to come back to check AND so I can'get some sleep, prepare for upcoming engagements and write my next books.

But this is an area of the site that I will definitely be dropping more info into as time goes by.

How to use this chart:

This chart outlines some of the shows I've written and/or worked on. As I upload materials, I'll add the new links to the new materials in the Materials and Script columns of this table.

And Divided We Fall
Just a Phase (a Sapphic Tale)

Office Politics

Some Body's in the Closet
Opposites Attract?


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