A Moving Experience


Part I

By Therese Szymanski

“Damnit, remind me to get rid of some of my books next time I move,” I said, hefting yet another case of books from her moving van.

“Isn’t that rather like closing the barn door after the horse has run away?” Angela replied with a flirting smile and wink while she picked up a case of books herself.

I gave her curvaceous figure an appreciative glance and nodded for her to go first. After all, I was losing enough butch points by letting this cute femme heft cases of books for me. And I had lost a few points earlier already by suggesting she carry my dozen pillows while someone else and I moved my futon in.

We carried our loads up to my new apartment only to find my other two movers in the kitchen enjoying the Starbucks Gabrielle had brought.

“Here you go honey,” Gabrielle said with a knowing smile when she handed me my hot chocolate, and then, “You must be Angela! So nice to meet you -- here’s your latte.”

My lover and my flirt, together. And just then I heard a voice from the doorway.

“How’s the carpet?” Annabelle, my building manager, said as she entered the apartment. I looked up and met her eyes...

“I’m real sorry about the carpet,” Annabelle said, taking me to her apartment down the hallway. “It’ll definitely be dry by the time you move in on the weekend.”

“It’s okay,” I said, putting a hand companionably on her shoulder. It was nice to know another queer in my building after only one day in my new apartment.

And it became even nicer throughout the evening. And into the night. And the next morning.

There were times that I really regretted that Gabrielle and I had an open relationship.


Part II

Peggy J. Herring

“My goodness,” Angela mused as she gave Annabelle a thorough once-over. “The carpet is probably the only thing dry in here right now.”

I gave Angela a pinch on the elbow and began nervously introducing Annabelle to everyone. And from the way Gabrielle was smirking at me, I knew that my actions the night before were no longer a secret. She would want details as soon as everyone left, and then we would probably spend the rest of the day in bed together.

“How much more is left to do?” Gabrielle asked. Her voice was low and her dark eyes twinkled. “Are there more boxes waiting to be brought up?”

“Uh...yes,” I managed to say. I couldn’t believe both of these women were here. Together. Now.

“Then let’s get you moved in, lover,” Gabrielle said quietly. “I’ve got plans for you later.”

“Oooooooo,” the others in the room said before bursting out in laughter. Annabelle, however, didn’t seem amused.


Part III

Laura DeHart Young

The rest of the day passed in a blur of passion. Their sexual escapades

with other women the night before seemed to fuel a higher level of ecstasy.

But that’s the way it always was. Finally, Gabrielle turned over and fell

asleep. Quietly, Jackie got up and tiptoed to the front door to retrieve the

evening paper.

Once outside, Jackie noticed Angela’s red Celica parked in Susan’s driveway. Jackie laughed out loud and shut the door. She was definitely going to enjoy living in this building.


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